PM: Tal Law to be replaced with more egalitarian, just law

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday that the "Tal Law," which provides the legal framework for ultra-Orthodox men to defer IDF service indefinitely "will be replaced by a more egalitarian and just law, and I will submit it."
Netanyahu made the comments after meeting with representatives of the IDF reservist's movement, who's "Camp Sucker" protest has been lobbying for a law which requires mandatory IDF or national service for all citizens.
Boaz Nol, one of the representatives who met with Netanyahu at his office in Jerusalem, said that Netanyahu promised that he would call early elections if it was necessary to pass such a law. Netanyahu did not repeat the alleged comments in the statement, nor did he speak about the possibility of early elections prior to Sunday's weekly cabinet meeting.
"The division of the burden must be changed.  What has been is not what will be.  This is our second meeting in recent months," Netanyahu said after meeting the reservists.
"The new law will also include civilian service for Arabs.  This must be done without setting public against public.  The change will entail expanding frameworks and increasing budgets.  This is high on the list of priorities for the security of the state."
Netanyahu reiterated his call for Arabs and Jews to split the national burden more equally at the cabinet meeting, but he did not specifically mention haredi (ultra-Orthodox) enlistment.
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