Police go on high terrorism alert ahead of talks with PA

Police Insp.-Gen. David Cohen held a meeting on Monday with senior police commanders and decided on a series of steps aimed at increasing security and thwarting terrorist attacks ahead of talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in Sharm el-Sheikh, scheduled for Tuesday.
Describing the current period as "sensitive and complex," Cohen said police are "prepared and are on a heightened state of alert to thwart any intention by hostile and extreme elements, whose goal is to gain attention during the talks and the diplomatic process."
Around the country, the police presence will be beefed up as part of a counterterrorism prevention effort. Police will also be more visible in main traffic arteries.
Sensitive sites will  receive increased attention from police, and all 5 police districts - the South, North, Center, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - will hold ongoing evaluations of incidents in their jurisdiction.