Police: Mobsters planned to blame far-Right for mosque bomb

An alleged Arab Israeli Jaffa crime organization planned to detonate a bomb under the car of a Muslim sheikh last month over a business dispute and then spray paint 'price-tag' graffiti in the area in order to draw blame on the far right, police suspect. 
A total of eight suspects have been under arrest since last month, including four brothers from one family and two brothers from another family. They had already assembled a powerful bomb, and were stopped by a police raid on a home in Jaffa in April hours before they planned on planting the device, a law enforcement source said. They had allegedly planned to detonate the advice after evening prayers at a Jaffa mosque. Police believe a disastrous outcome was averted thanks to the raid. 
The suspects had been hired by an individual who cannot be named to carry out the act, Tel Aviv police's central unit believes. The suspects have been named as Nizar Bakar, Ramzi Bakar, and Yosef Bakar, as well as a fourth suspect who cannot be named, who worked as a lawyer in the Justice Ministry.