Police warn public over criminal couple disguised as police

Police in Tiberius have issued a warning to the public over a man and a woman who dressed up as Border Police in order to steal cash and valuable items.
The warning came after a suspect phoned a massage parlor in the city and scheduled an appointment on Wednesday.
He arrived a few hours later in a Border Police uniform, together with a woman in her 20s, also in a police uniform.
The two proceeded to search the premises and stole a cell phone, a wallet, and thousands of shekels in cash. They then demanded that the woman who works at the parlor join them in their car "for questioning at the police station."
Inside the vehicle, the woman was told to remove 17,000 shekels worth of jewelry, since "one cannot enter a police station with that."
She was then ordered out of the car and told to report to the station the following day. After being ejected from the vehicle, the woman realized she had been the victim of an elaborate theft. Police are searching for the two suspects.