Police were negligent in Inbal Amram case, says court

Petah Tikva District Court ruled on Monday that police negligence was a factor in Inbal Amram's death in 2006.
When Amram disappeared, her family reported her missing to police. The police decided that she had not been missing for long enough and did not help to look for her until it was too late.
A Palestinian from Kalkilya was later sentenced to life imprisonment plus 15 more years for the kidnapping and murder of 21-year-old Petah Tikva resident, whose car he wanted to steal.
Responding to Monday's court ruling, the police's legal advisor's bureau is studying the decision, together with the state prosecution, a police spokesman said.
A further hearing is set for October in the case brought against Israel Police by Amram's family, where the award of damages will be decided.