Poll: Most countries opposed to a nuclear Iran

WASHINGTON -- Countries in the West, Asia and the Middle East are united in not wanting to see a nuclear-armed Iran, with most supporting sanctions and even some Arab states favoring force to prevent such a scenario, according to a new Pew poll released Friday.
Sixty-three percent of Americans think military force should be used to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, while slim majorities in England, France, Germany and several other European countries back such a course, as do Egypt and Jordan.
In Lebanon, a plurality of 46 percent back military force if necessary, but in Turkey only 26% do while 42% are opposed. These numbers are similar to those in Russia (24% in favor; 41% opposed) and China (30% in favor; 39% opposed).
Iran is highly disliked, led by 91% of Germans who hold an unfavorable view of the country. Other Europeans countries range between 62% and 85% in terms of the percentage holding negative views of Iran, with 68% of Americans holding a negative view.
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