Protest at Sweden's Iranian embassy turns violent

A pro-democracy demonstration outside the Iranian Embassy turned violent on Thursday when protesters threw rocks and ice at police guarding the building.
Iranian opposition groups organized the protest and planned similar ones elsewhere in Stockholm on Thursday, the anniversary of the revolution that created Iran's Islamic republic.
About 200 people took part in the demonstration outside the embassy, and about 20 tried to push their way through a line of police and into the building.
Two demonstrators were arrested, one received minor injuries, and one officer was hit in the head by a block of ice but continued working, said police spokesman Ulf Lindgren.
The protesters demanded free elections, democracy and a regime change in Iran.
Speaking of the Iranian ambassador and his staff, protester Firouzeh Ghaffrpour said: "We don't consider them as representatives of the Iranian people. They are representatives of the illegal (Iranian) government."