Queen addresses UN, places wreath at ground zero

NEW YORK — Queen Elizabeth II placed a wreath of flowers at a site of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks Tuesday and chatted with victims' families and first responders, minutes after using her first visit to New York in more than three decades to praise the U.N. for promoting peace and justice.
The 84-year-old British monarch braved 100-degrees Fahrenheit (38-Celsius) heat in a 15-minute visit to the World Trade Center site after challenging the United Nations to spearhead an international response to global dangers.
Near the footprint of the trade center's south tower, she placed a wreath of New York-grown red peonies, roses, lilies and black-eyed Susans on a wooden riser at the site.
Wearing a straw hat, pastel long-sleeved dress and dark patent leather shoes, she smiled and nodded at a phalanx of dignitaries, relatives of Sept. 11 victims and first responders gathered to meet her.