'Rabbis in Israel are not given legal immunity'

State attorney Shai Nitzan commented Thursday on the case of the Yitzhar rabbis suspected of racial incitement for their controversial book, which describes circumstances under Jewish religious law when it would be permissible to kill Gentiles.
"The fact that a person is a rabbi in Israel does not afford him legal immunity, he is not above the law," stated Nitzan on Army Radio. "Freedom of religion and free inquiry do not permit one to do what they please. If someone incites racial hatred, an investigation will opened against them. There are things that are always considered red lines."
Both rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur have refused to appear before police investigators in the case, claiming that they are being targeted merely for answering Jewish religious questions.
Police arrested rabbi Yosef Elitzur-Hershkowitz overnight Wednesday on suspicion of incitement to racial violence, possession of a racist text, and and possession of material that incites to violence in connection with the case.
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