Racheli Fraenkel praises world Jewish at Jewish Agency BOG

Racheli Fraenkel, the mother of terror victim Naftali Fraenkel, praised the response of world Jewry to her son’s kidnapping and murder Tuesday, addressing members of the Jewish Agency’s Board of Governors in Ashkelon. Following Naftali’s death, tensions between Arabs and Jews escalated in a series of violent incidents, culminating in this summer’s Israeli-Hamas war in Gaza.
"Within hours and days, we found ourselves in the middle of something unbelievable,” Fraenkel told the gathering. “There were delegations from all over, letters from all over. You saw what happened in your own communities – I don't have to tell you. There was no single organizing body – there were thousands and thousands of local initiatives. Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Modern Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, unaffiliated – we all came together in prayer and then in memory. That in itself is amazing to me.”
Frankel also thanked the members of the Agency Board, which only days before had announced a NIS 50 million recovery package for the South.