Red Cross visits wounded nationals of enemy states

Representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross for Israel and Gaza went on Tuesday to hospitals where foreign civilians from countries without diplomatic relations with Israel who were injured in the Marmara ship conflict are being treated. They were also given access to detention centers where those who were not wounded were being held.
Compared to this easy access, Israel’s abducted soldier, Gilad Schalit, has never been visited by an ICRC representative because Hamas terrorists have prohibited it, illegally, for nearly four years.
<i>The Jerusalem Post</i> learned from hospital sources that those visited include people from Lebanon, Indonesia and Qatar. In such cases, people from the ICRC’s protection department do not visit those from countries that do have diplomatic ties with this country.
The ICRC was extremely tight-lipped about the visits and said only that they were requested by families of the injured and those in detention to inquire about their condition.