Report: Azerbaijani boarder guard killed in Iran

TEHRAN - An Azerbaijani border guard who crossed into Iran was killed in a clash with Iranian guards, Iran's official IRNA news agency reported on Monday.
Deputy Iranian Interior Minister Ali Abdollahi told IRNA the clash happened after the Azerbaijani guard entered Iranian territory and failed to heed an order to stop.
"During the incident, it seems that one Azerbaijani border guard has been killed," Abdollahi said.
Abdollahi said it was not uncommon for border guards to cross the unmarked frontiers, but in such events orders to halt must be obeyed.
"Although the border guards cross the border unintentionally, they must pay attention to the halt order of the other country's boarder guards ... but in this case, the Azerbaijani guard failed to heed the order," he said.
He said both countries were investigating the incident and would pursue it through diplomatic channels.