Report: Hamas says Abbas not interested in reconciliation

Hamas accused Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of not actually having any interest in Fatah-Hamas reconciliation despite comments that he is willing to visit Gaza, Palestinian news agency ABNA reported on Tuesday.
A spokesman for the Gaza leadership, Sami Abu Zuhri said that Abbas wants a formal visit to Gaza, but has no intent on reconciling with Hamas.
”We have asked him more than once to send a delegation to Gaza or to any place he wants in order to arrange for the visit. And part of these arrangements are tackling the remaining issues of dispute so the visit would be a culmination of an agreement between the two parties [Fatah and Hamas]. But Abbas wants  a formal visit unrelated to actual reconciliation, which is unacceptable. Hamas's decisive position is to first agree and then to welcome everyone,” Zuhri stated.
Zuhri added that Abbas has agreed to send a security delegation to Gaza to arrange for his visit.
”Abbas only wants to send a security delegation first to arrange technical matters related to the visit, while it is required that he sends a political delegation to discuss necessary issues,” he said.