Report: Iran firing practice missiles

Missiles were fired in Central Iran during a military excercise on Thursday, Fars News Agency reported.
One of the missiles was reported to be a Fajr-5 rocket, the same type of long-range missile that was fired at Tel Aviv from Gaza during November's Operation Pillar of Defense.
According to Fars, the Fajr-5 has a maximum range of 75 km, while Naze'at-10 is a medium-range ballistic missile.
The Fars report said the practice operation was under the command of Army Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmadreza Pourdastan. In terms of the Iranian Armed Forces' military exercises, Fars quoted Pourdastan as describing wargames as "very important" to the Iranian military.
He also was quoted saying that "drills have provided the Iranian military forces, including the Army Ground Force, with an opportunity to test its achievements and remove deficiencies for future missions."