Report: Iran hints at foreign conspiracy in Syria attacks

Iran hinted Saturday at a foreign hand behind the twin car bombs that exploded in Damascus on Saturday, killing 27 people, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported.
An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson condemned the attacks, saying the "responsibility of such incidents is on the shoulder of those who arm and provoke armed groups."
The comments out of Tehran echoed a Syrian state TV report, which quoted a Syrian human rights group as saying the attacks were "a form of the foreign-backed opposition’s failure and international conspiracy which ultimately supports terrorism and violates all human rights principles."
Iran has accused Arab nations of sending mercenaries to Syria to prevent any negotiated settlement to end Syrian President Bashar Assad's year-long crackdown on anti-government activists and rebels.
Iran said terrorist attacks like the bombings on Saturday - which targeted Syrian police and intelligence buildings - are "the price given by Syrian nation for their support for their government."
The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson also said the attacks were orchestrated in order to thwart reforms by the government in Damascus, and dialogue between the Assad regime and the Syrian opposition.
Reuters contributed to this report
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