Report: Jewish child among Newtown mass shooting victims

One of the 20 children killed in the Newtown school massacre was a 6-year-old Jewish boy, the Jewish daily "Forward" reported on Sunday.
Noah Pozner was identified by the coroner as being among the victims, and released on the list of victims released by Connecticut authorities.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Rabbi Shaul Praver said he had spent time with Veronika Pozner, the mother of Noah.
“She said that she didn’t know how she was going to go on, and we encouraged her to focus on her other four children that need her and not to try to plan out the rest of her life, just take a deep breath right now,” the Wall Street Journal quoted Praver as saying.
Praver told the Wall Street Journal that he didn’t know Noah Pozner but taught his older brother, Michael Vabner, for his bar mitzvah.