Report: Jordanian Brotherhood slams Iran over Syria

The powerful Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan slammed Iran on Monday for interfering in the affairs of Arab Sunni-majority countries, especially Syria and Bahrain, saying it was changing its position on Tehran, the official Jordanian Ad-Dustour newspaper reported Monday.
Despite the Brotherhood's support for Iran's position vis a vis Israel and the United States, it rejects how Iran has given a green light to Damascus to carry out a violent crackdown on the anti-government opposition, even "providing the Syrian regime with money and weapons," a spokesperson for the group said.
The Sunni Islamist group also slammed Tehran for "publishing Shi'ite materials in Sunni countries," and criticized Iran for encouraging sectarian strife in Syria and Bahrain, where the majority Shi'ite population engaged in mass demonstrations calling for the overthrow of the island nation's Sunni king.
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