Report: Protester drives into nine Bahraini policemen

DUBAI - A protester drove his car into a group of policemen, hurting nine, four of them seriously, during unrest in Bahrain on Tuesday, Bahraini state television said.
"As security men were carrying out their duty ... and confronting a group attempting acts of tumult and sabotage, one of those involved was injured in the head, and his brother immediately started driving at full speed and running over officers," the channel quoted a police official as saying.
The television showed footage of a police vehicle and a saloon car, both damaged, and showed injured men being treated at a hospital.
At least 29 people, all but six of them Shi'ites, have been killed since February when protests by majority Shi'ites in the Sunni-ruled Gulf Arab kingdom started. The unrest was inspired by Arab world revolts that ousted rulers in Egypt and Tunisia.