Report: Sara Netanyahu settles lawsuits with former maid

A labor-related lawsuit filed against Sara Netanyahu, and a counter-suit the prime minister's wife filed against her former maid, were dismissed following an agreement reached between the two sides, Channel 2 reported Tuesday.
According to the report, the document outlining the agreement between the two sides was filed the Haifa Labor Court, where both sides asked for a gag order on the matter.
Lillian Peretz, who filed the lawsuit against the prime minister’s wife two years ago, claimed Netanyahu refused to pay her various social benefits required under law, paid her less than minimum wage, and made her work long hours including on Saturdays, even though Peretz is Shabbat-observant.
Netanyahu has denied the allegations, and says they are slander. In response to Peretz’s lawsuit, the prime minister’s wife has filed a counter-suit, demanding that Peretz pay her NIS 600,000 compensation for defamation, invasion of privacy and breach of confidentiality.
Joanna Paraszczuk contributed to this report.