Report: Trial of Egypt's Mubarak may be on Red Sea

CAIRO - Egypt's ousted president may be tried next month in the Red Sea resort where he is in hospital, not Cairo, sources said on Monday, a move that could anger protesters who say the army wants to shield its former commander.
Hosni Mubarark, 83, has been in hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh since April when he was initially questioned. He has been detained there and charged with abusing power and killing protesters in the uprising that unseated him on Feb. 11.
When he was charged, Judge Sayed Abdel-Azim said the trial would be in a criminal court in north Cairo district.
Protesters have been frustrated with the slow pace of the trial of a man they blame for killing more than 840 protesters in the uprising and for creating a state that concentrated power and wealth in the hands of an elite.