Report: US officials say Israel, MEK killed Iran scientists

US officials say the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists have been carried by an Iranian opposition group with logistical and financial support by the Mossad, NBC News reported Thursday.
The report was based on a testimony by one of Iranian Ayotollah Ali Khamenei's senior advisors who detailed the intimate relationship between Israel and MEK, which "two senior US officials" confirmed as accurate.
Khamenei's aide, Mohammad Javad Larijani, was quoted by NBC as saying "They They (Israelis) are paying … the Mujahedin. Some of their (MEK) agents … (are) providing Israel with information.  And they recruit and also manage logistical support.”
Larijani explained that because Israel does not have "direct access" into Iran, the Mossad works with the Iranian dissident group, which operates in Iran and also has operatives in Iraq.
One of the two senior US officials that confirmed the Iranian accusations regarding Israel's close relationship with MEK said that all the "inclinations" in Larijani's remarks were "correct."
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