Russia: We must play chess, not rugby, with Teheran

A Russian parliament member on Sunday stated that his country's support for Iran's nuclear energy program was to help the Islamic regime comply with international standards on nuclear arms proliferation.
The Islamists in Teheran respond best to diplomatic "chess," not "rugby," Mikhail Margelov was quoted by Reuters as saying. "We have to play chess with them. We do not believe, in our oriental policy, in playing rugby," he said. "It's difficult to do politics in the Oriental countries, and we know that."
Margelov, chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the in Russia's upper parliamentary chamber, stated that Russia was sufficiently wary of Iranian intentions.
"We do not have any illusions about the character of the Iranian regime at all," Margelo told the International Institute of International Studies in Geneva according to Reuters. "This is the only legal mechanism to keep them cooperating with the international institutions."
Russia plans to receive spent uranium rods from Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor after it starts operation to prevent Teheran from refining the material into weapons-grade plutonium.