Sa’ar: Upcoming elections bring widening gap between blocs

At the meeting on Sunday night between the leaders of the Labor, Yesh Atid and the Tzipi Livni Party, the leaders decided they will meet after the election with the leader of the Meretz Party, Zahava Gal-on, as well as representatives of the Arab parties, to request from the prime minister to recognize them as one political bloc in a potential coalition, Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar told Israel Radio.
Sa'ar added that as the elections approach, the gap between the party blocs widens.
Tzipi Livni Party head Tzipi Livni said Sunday morning that she failed to reach an agreement with Labor and Yesh Atid over forming an opposition bloc against an "extreme" Netanyahu-led government.
Speaking to Army Radio, Livni said "We did not do what we need to do - release a joint statement saying we will work together and ensure there will either be a national-unity government on the basis of what we believe in or an extremist government that we and the public do not want."
Labor party head Shelly Yacimovich reiterated her call for Livni and Yesh Atid head Yair Lapid to publicly announce that they would not join a Netanyahu-led government. "For the public to know there are intentions to give Netanyahu a real fight, we all have to rule out joining his government."
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