Sadomasochist gets 6 months community service for whipping teenage girl

Sadomasochist gets 6 mon

A sadomasochist 'master' accused of tying a minor to a bed and whipping her has been sentenced to six months community service by a Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday, after a plea bargain was struck between the accused and state prosecution. The defendant, Gil Arieli, also known in the sadomasochist community as 'Master Or,' is a 50-year-old computer technician from Ashdod. The defendant and the girl has been in touch for three years. During their relationship, the girl initially rejected sexual overtures by Arieli, but in 2003, she agreed to partake in sadomasochistic acts. Arieli tied her to a bed, whipped her, slapped her, and spat at her. The girl was shocked by the extremity of the acts and demanded to be released. Arieli eventually let her go. Arieli's defense attorney, Avi Himi's evidence led to a plea bargain being reached and a six-month community service sentence. Arieli was also ordered to pay the girl NIS 10,000 in compensation.