Samar contractor files complaint against green groups

The contractor in charge of the Samar sands mining filed a police complaint on Tuesday against environmental activists who he claims have sabotaged his equipment, the Israel Lands Administration reported in a statement. After months of protest from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), Green Course, Arava residents and the Environmental Protection Ministry due to the unique biodiversity in the region, mining work began last week on the sands, which will be used in Eilat construction projects.
Since the mining began, protesters from SPNI, Green Course and Arava communities have been physically attempting to block the process, leading to some of their arrests. Charging that violent, anarchistic acts were being cloaked under a "green robe," the ILA said it would not ignore the actions, and the contractor has decided to sue individual green activists who sabotaged his tools, according to the statement.