Saudi Arabia urges Bahrain opposition to talk with gov't

Saudia Arabia urged the Bahraini opposition group to accept the Bahraini government's invitation to negotiations, Lebanese news agency Al-Manar reported Sunday. Anti-government protesters in Bahrain have refused foreign involvement in what they see as internal Bahraini issues.
The official Saudi Press Agency quoted a Saudi official as saying Saturday that "Saudi Arabia is following with great interest the current developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain. At the same time, Saudi Arabia hopes for a return to calm and stability in the territory under the guise of the government. We appeal to the Bahraini people to put forward reasonably their ideas, and to accept what the Bahraini government puts forward in return."
The source added that "The Saudi government wants to assure that it completely rejects foreign interference in Bahraini state affairs...The Saudi Arabian government stands with all its power behind the Bahraini state and people."