Saudi demands YouTube block access to anti-Islam film

RIYADH - Saudi Arabia has threatened to block all access to YouTube inside the kingdom unless the site cuts local access to a film which mocks the Prophet Mohammad, state news agency SPA reported late on Tuesday.
YouTube owner Google Inc. has already blocked access to the film in Egypt, Libya, India and Indonesia after deadly protests in several countries, but it has rejected a request by the White House to pull it from the site altogether.
"In implementation of the directives of King Abdullah... (the regulator) contacted Google to block all electronic YouTube links containing the film and in the case of a failure to respond to this request, the regulator will block all access to YouTube (in Saudi Arabia)," a government statement carried by SPA said.
It was still possible to view a clip of the film on YouTube early on Wednesday inside the conservative Islamic kingdom.
The statement said internet service providers in Saudi Arabia had also been asked to block access to the film.