School teacher indicted after student dies in her care

A nursery school teacher from Abu Ghosh was indicted in the Jerusalem District Court on Thursday, after being accused of negligence that resulted in the death of one of her students. On October 8, 2009, Hayera Otaman Salati, 42, was driving to the nursery school where she was employed when she saw one of her students walking to school.
She picked him up and drove the rest of the way to school, but forgot about him when she parked and locked her car. Five-year-old S.A. was in the car for six hours, during which time the temperature in the car reached very high levels, eventually killing him.
When Salati returned to her car at 2:00 after working a full day, she found S.A.’s lifeless body in her car. She laid his body under a tree and drove off, without notifying authorities. The court is requesting a prison sentence for Salati.