'Sending police to Haiti not a decision for Aharonovitch'

MKMichael Ben-Ari (National Union) wrote to Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitchand warned that sending an Israeli police delegation to would be a violation of the law and anaction inconsistent with ’ssocial agenda.


Ben-Aristated in the letter that while he had no objections to Israel’s humanitarianmission to Haiti immediately after an earthquake devastated the small country, sendingpolice would constitute an “unnecessary populist” move.


Inthe letter Ben-Ari asks “Has crime in been overthrown? Are thereenough police for the enforcement of the law in ? Only last Thursday I touredwith Tel Aviv police units and witnessed the lack of manpower.”


Ben-Arisaid in the letter that Aharonovitch does not have the authority to send policeofficers outside of the country and that such a mission is not within theresponsibilities of the police.