'Serial armed robbers' to be charged in Hod Hasharon murder

Indictments were filed on Thursday in the Central District Court charging two Baka al-Gharbiya residents with the murder of a shop owner during an armed robbery in Hod Hasharon.
Ahmed Akawai, 20, and Alaa Abu Moch, 21, are alleged to have targeted jewelry stores in central Israel in a series of armed robberies in August.
They are accused of deliberately shooting and murdering 42-year-old Yehuda Weizelberg, who gave chase to the two after they robbed his Hod Hasharon jewelry store.
According to the indictment, Weizelberg chased after the two robbers and managed to capture Akawai. However, Akawai struggled free and allegedly shot Weizelberg in the chest at close range before fleeing on a motorcycle driven by Abu-Moch.
In a separate indictment filed on Thursday in the Haifa District court, Akawai is also charged with a second, unrelated murder in Baka al-Gharbiya in July.