Shalom: PA UN bid shows only Israel honors agreements

The Palestinian decision to go to the UN in a unilateral move to ask for a non-member observer state status shows that only Israel honors previous agreements reached with the Palestinian Authority, Vice Premier Silvan Shalom told Israel Radio on Friday.
Shalom responded to claims from former Kadima head Tzipi Livni and other Israeli politicians that said Israel could have prevented the Palestinian move by negotiating with the PA. "Both Israel and the Palestinians were in favor of having negotiations," Shalom said. "Livni and [former prime minister] Olmert were willing to give up 98% of Palestinian territories and even then could not reach an agreement [with PA President Abbas]," he added.
He added that Netanyahu has accepted both of Abbas's preconditions - to accept the two-state solution and to freeze building in the settlements for ten months - and that even then an agreement could not be reached.