Sheikh Raed Salah: IDF soldiers tried to kill me during raid

Sheikh Raed Salah on Thursday accused Navy commandos of trying to kill him in the course of the takeover of the Gaza-bound flotilla ship Mavi Marmara on Monday.
“IDF soldiers tried to kill me. They shot towards someone else they thought was me,” the head of the Islamic Movement in Israel (northern branch) said before a court hearing to end his arrest.
“The kidnapping is an absolute crime,” Salah went on to say, “we have a right to defend ourselves, we have a right to help the weak.”
Salah was on board one of the ships and was arrested after allegedly attacking IDF soldiers boarding it Monday. A police source told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that Salah "tried to provide cover" for a gunman who opened fire on naval commandos during the raid, but the gunman had already been hit.