Shin Bet asks Al-Jazeera reporter asked to remove bra

A female al-Jazeera reporter on Tuesday night was asked to remove her bra by Shin Bet personnel (Israel Security Agency) during a security check as she tried to enter Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's annual press conference with the foreign press in Jerusalem.
The reporter, who is based in Israel, was refused entry into the hall where Netanyahu was speaking because she refused to take off her bra.
The al-Jazeera reporter approached Government Press Office Director Oren Helman after the incident and told him that all al-Jazeera correspondents decided to shun the event as a result of the Shin Bet's demands.
Some Turkish correspondents, as well as journalists from other countries complained of extremely thorough security inspections that they claimed were humiliating. The Turkish reporters were eventually let into the hall.
The General Security Service stated in response, "All guests were subjected to a security check in accordance with the customary security procedures in such events. Three female reporters refused to be examined under these procedures and decided not to attend the event."