Slonim Admor: Emmanuel affair epic battle of good and evil

The Admor of Slonim Rabbi Shmuel Barazovsky on Wednesday hinted to his hassidim that the struggle with the court over the segregated Emmanuel school was the epic battle between forces of good and evil, in a letter rich with eschatology allusions in which he claimed that the High Court of Justice's ruling represents the forces of evil. This apocalyptic battle scenario is the prelude to the end of the world as we know it that precedes the arrival of the Messiah, in many Jewish hassidic streams.
“It I thought that the justices believed what they said, that the Emmanuel school is grounded in racial discrimination, I think I would act differently,” Barazovsky said in a letter, sent out to his followers a day after the High Court of Justice decided to exempt all but nine of the 22 mothers sentenced to 2 weeks in prison, which they will serve after their husbands are released.
“But since there I have no doubt that they know the truth, all of what they say is founded in lies. That being the case, this is nothing but a battle between faith and heresy, between the power of holiness to the Sitra Achra's [other side, evil force] power of impurity – a battle we always knew would break out at the end of time,” he continued. “And in a battle over the holiness of god [kiddush hashem] – even if we face a firing squad, we won't back down or compromise at all.”
To all the “faithful people of Israel,” Barazovsky issued an appeal to join “this sublime struggle, the struggle that generations waited and wished for.”