Small battery removed from child’s ear after 3 months

A five-year-old boy from Rehovot was rushed to Kaplan Medical Center on Sunday when he began to complain of an earache and fever - apparently due to a small battery which had been lodged for three months in his ear.
Three months ago, Matan Mamman was playing with a small flashlight when the device suddenly broke. Only last weekend did he begin to feel pain. When pus began to emerge from his ear, his parents took him to Kaplan Medical Center, where he was rushed to the ER after a doctor discovered the battery in his ear canal.
Matan required general anesthesia in order to undergo the operation toremove the battery. Nopermanent damage was caused to his hearing. Dr.Meir Werman said that the chemicals in the battery could have leakedout and caused serious harm, but he was lucky it was caught in time,thanks to his symptoms.
He called on parents to monitor children’s play, especially with dangerous objects such as small batteries.