South Korean foreign minister in scandal offers to quit

SEOUL, South Korea— South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan has offered to resign amid accusations of nepotism, an official said Saturday.
Yu made his offer to President Lee Myung-bak after he came under fire when his ministry hired his daughter for midlevel post handling free trade affairs.
Yu's daughter, who had worked as a contractor at the foreign ministry's trade bureau for three years before quitting last year, was rejected along with seven other applicants when she applied for a contract job in July. Then, earlier this week, she was hired for the same post after another hiring process — which Yu's daughter and five others applied.
Yu had been under mounting public fire over the controversial hiring, even after he offered a public apology and removed his daughter from the job on Friday.
Presidential spokeswoman Kim Hee-jung confirmed that Lee was informed of the resignation offer, but she did not say whether the president will accept it.