Spokesman: IDF receives cease-fire order, on standby

The IDF has received its cease-fire order and will only act in response to provocations from Gaza, IDF Spokesman Yoav Mordechai said Wednesday night.
"The IDF has received a ceasefire order.... We remain on standby." Mordechai added that the IDF will hold its fire "unless there is fire against civilians or our forces, in which case we will respond."
He said the week-long operation to repress rocket fire from Gaza dealt a "serious blow to Hamas" and "increased security for southern residents." According to Mordechai Hamas lost its military commander, Ahmed Jabari, 30, and most of its long-term strategic rockets were destroyed.
Mordechai expressed his condolences to the families of five Israelis killed by Palestinian rocket fire.
He concluded by saying that the IDF believes that the test of deterrence will be measured in the coming weeks.