Stan Lee reveals details of new comic 'Seekers'

SAN DIEGO - Comic book legend StanLee on Friday revealed details of his new web-based, digitalseries "The Seekers," saying it is set in modern times on anEarth in danger of imminent destruction.

Describing his upcoming new venture with MTV as "a realepic story", Lee told Reuters that "Seekers" will have multiplecharacters and he hopes it will move from the Internet to TV,movies and videogames.

"It's a real epic story," said Lee, ahead of a detailedpresentation of the new comic book series on Saturday atComic-Con International.

"One of the blurbs I wrote for it says, 'We present theseincidents that you're about to witness as a work of fiction inorder to avoid worldwide apprehension and panic.' It has to doreally with the state of the Earth and all the population onit," he added.
"The Seekers" will launch in early 2012 as a free digitalcomic series on the MTV Geek website and is expected toeventually become a print comic.