State doctors to receive final wage increase after arbitrat


The country’s public-sector physicians will receive a 4.375 percent increase in their wages in the coming month, thus completed the last stage of the 24.2% increase that was set by arbitration a year ago, the Finance Ministry announced on Monday.
The arbitration decision also increased the actuarial debt for doctors who are now working and pensions working at state institutions by NIS 3.45 billion.
The average state physician’s gross pay of NIS 24,900 for a full-time job will increase to NIS 26,322 after the final stage is completed. For a resident, it will rise from NIS 15,121 to NIS 18,654; for a specialist from NIS 19,154 to NIS 23,705; and for a senior physician from NIS 27,988 to NIS 34,428.