Steinitz: Breaking agreement by residents is 'anarchy'

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz slammed demands being made by medical residents on Tuesday, saying that by going against the collective agreement reached last month the residents are not respecting the law, which he called "anarchy."
"I have a lot of appreciation for doctors and residents," he said, "but nobody is above the law and nobody is above the norms of legal agreements," speaking with Army radio.
"To come one month after the agreement and say that we as an internal group are not satisfied with the agreement, that's anarchy," Steinitz added.
The finance minister also outlined starting wages of medical residents. Before the recently-signed agreement, he said, residents' starting wages were NIS 17,000 per month before taxes. In the new agreement, residents in the center of the country start at over NIS 21,000 and those in the periphery start at nearly NIS 26,000 before taxes.
Steinitz also responded to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who on Tuesday called for the state budget to be expanded. "To exceed the budget limit in today's dangerous world is like driving down a narrow bridge and swerving from side to side. To call it irresponsible is an understatement."
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