Strauss chairwoman set to meet group protesting prices

Strauss Group chairwoman Ofra Strauss was set to meet Thursday morning with representatives of the "Israel is Dear to Us" group, that lead the struggle to decrease the prices of the company's prices.
The movement made it clear that if Strauss does not meet their demands, they intend to call for a consumer boycott on Strauss products.
The move is a response to revelations of prices of its products in the US that are tens of percentage points lower than in Israel.
Talking to journalists, Strauss Israel representatives said Wednesday that the US retailer buys most of the products that it exports at higher prices than those at which the Israeli retailer buys them.
Nevertheless, contrary to its earlier statements that it does not set the price to the consumer, that its US sales are via a distributor, and that the prices in question were a bargain special, Strauss admitted that it sells some products, among them Pesek Zman chocolate bars, at lower prices in the US.