Sunni cleric, 2 others killed in Baghdad attacks

Gunmen killed a Sunni cleric outside a Baghdad mosque where he had just finished leading morning prayers in the latest wave of attacks in the Iraqi capital that left three people dead on Wednesday.
It was not known why the 48-year-old Sheik Ghazi Jabouri was targeted Wednesday. He was gunned down in a hail of automatic-weapons fire outside the al-Rahman mosque in the primarily Sunni-neighborhood of Azamiyah in north Baghdad at about 5 a.m., a police officer said. An army officer confirmed the report.
In central Baghdad, a bomb went off at about 2 p.m. inside a warehouse, killing one civilian and wounding four, according to police and hospital officials. The bomb, which was left in the basement of the warehouse, also caused damage to nearby buildings.
Elsewhere in the capital, a high-ranking police officer was killed when a so-called "sticky bomb" on his car exploded as he drove to work, an Interior Ministry official said.