Syrian forces fire at protesters after Ramadan prayers

AMMAN - Syrian forces fired at pro-democracy protesters after Ramadan prayers across Syria on Tuesday, witnesses and activists said, in intensifying assaults to crush dissent against President Bashar Assad during the Muslim fasting month.
Tens of people were wounded when demonstrators demanding the toppling of Assad in the western Damascus suburb of Muadhamiya, the northeastern city of Hasaka, and the port city of Latakia came under fire after the nightly prayers, known as 'tarawih', they added.
"Ten buses full of 'amn' (security) entered Mouadhamiya. I saw 10 youths falling down as I was running away from the gunfire. Hundreds of parents are in the streets looking for their sons," said one witness living the suburb, 30 km (20 miles) from the occupied Golan Heights.
Residents said tanks first entered Mouadhamiya on Monday, killing two protesters, including a 16-year-old boy, Hassan Ibrahim Balleh, whose funeral was held in the suburb earlier on Tuesday.