TA court sentences 'Clockwork Orange' rapist to 17 years

Fifty-five-year-old Kobi Cohen was sentenced to 17 years in prison by the Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday for raping and sodomizing a female acquaintance. He also received three years' suspended sentence and was ordered by the court to pay the victim NIS 40,000 in restitution for his crimes.
Cohen was accused in court of meeting the victim at a beach with friends, where the woman - who suffers from an addiction to prescription drugs - asked him to provide her with tranquilizer pills. After receiving some pills from him at his apartment, the victim fell asleep. She awoke to find her hands tied, her feet bound by cables, with her underwear removed and her shirt and skirt lifted.
At that point, Cohen told the victim that he was going to "do a Clockwork Orange" on her, and proceeded to spray her with tear gas, rape her and forced her to perform oral sex on him. Cohen then beat the victim, using an iron rod and whip.
He managed to keep the victim imprisoned in his home for over a day and a half using the tranquilizer pills to keep her senses dulled and her will weak.
Cohen, who had 22 previous convictions, 11 of them for violent acts, had threatened to kill the woman and her daughter if she filed a complaint with police for what he did to her.