TA official: 24 hours needed to open shelters post-strike

It will take 24 hours to open all the shelters in Tel Aiv in the event of a missile strike the city councilman in charge of defense and emergency management, Moshe Tiomkin, was quoted by Army Radio as saying on Sunday. Tiomkin went on to say that in the early hours of a missile strike there will likely be confusion, but within a day the city's 400 public shelters will be utilized.
The Home Front Command estimates that it will take twice as long to open all the shelters - 48 hours - in the event of a strike. 
The public shelters can be found in a variety of public places: 100 in schools, 240 in public areas, and 60 in underground parking garages.
Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu acknowledged that there are problems with the defense of the home front, but asserted that the state is spending millions of Shekels to solve them.