Talansky testimony contradicts previous statements on Olmert aide Zaken

Morris Talansky contradicted statements he had made during police investigations at his Monday pre-trial testimony in the Jerusalem District Court, saying that the role of Shula Zaken in the alleged transfer of funds to former prime minister Ehud Olmert was minimal. In response to a question by attorney Micha Fetman, Talansky, a US citizen and long-time friend of the former prime minister, said that except for one envelope he handed to Olmert's aide Zaken, he gave the money directly to the ex-premier. Talansky added that it was possible police investigators had led him to say that the envelopes containing money were handed to Zaken. Fetman, who represents Zaken, was pleased with the testimony, which he claimed proved that his client was not directly involved in any illegal actions and did not initiate the money transfers. Olmert's attorneys, however, reiterated their criticism of the decision to make use of a pre-trial testimony, saying that Talansky was a completely incompetent man, whose words could not be trusted.