Teenagers' blood flows in video from Syrian city

AMMAN - Blood spurts from the heads of shot teenagers, staining the asphalt, in amateur video obtained by Reuters from inside the besieged Syrian city of Deraa where government forces are trying to crush weeks of protests.
"He has a pulse. He has a pulse," one teenager shouts next to the blood-soaked body of a youth in jeans. "No, no. Martyr. Martyr," he says as his comrades rush to carry the body under a hail of machine gun bullets.
The footage was believed to have been taken on Friday in the southern city where protests broke out in March, the start of a six-week-old uprising against President Bashar al-Assad. Troops and tanks stormed into Deraa on April 25.
More footage shows a similar scene at a road leading to Deraa, where young villagers on motorcycles rushed on Friday to support their relatives under the week-long siege.