The Osbournes have landed; Ozzfest couple dismiss boycott

Heavy Metal god Ozzy Osbourne touched down in Israel on Sunday, ahead of Tuesday's "OzzFest" concert in Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park. Later on Sunday, he held a press conference in Tel Aviv's Sheraton Hotel that left fans and reporters in stitches. 
When asked why he hadn't come to Israel earlier, Osbourne said "no reason really, I mean, I was drunk for too many years." Ozzy also dismissed any talk of artistic boycotts of Israel, saying "I have no time for politics, they [politicians] don't understand me and I don't understand them."
Osbourne's wife Sharon drew a parallel to "the troubles" in Northern Ireland that plagued England in past decades, saying "it's the same as when we had all the problems with the IRA and no one refused to perform in England, so I don't know why people don't come here."
If you're going to Tuesday's concert, which Ozzy said would be heavy on the Black Sabbath classics, follow the advice of Ozzy's wife Sharon, who said concert attendees should "just go Meshuganeh."