Tibi: Comparing 'Nakba Day' to Nazis is outrageous

MK Ahmed Tibi on Tuesday slammed Energy and Water Minister Uzi Landau for making comparisons between Nakba Day events and the Nazis and the Holocaust as outrageous and abominable.
"Recognition and empathy with the suffering of another people is primarily a human value, as well as a step toward reconciliation between peoples," Tibi said at a Nakba Day event near Umm el-Fahm.
In Australia, Tibi said, the tragedy of the aboriginese people is commemorated, as they are in Canada. In addition, he noted that in yearly memorials for the victims of the atomic bomb in Japan, the American representative lowers his head to the victims.
"Denying the Nakba will never succeed in erasing the collective memory of a people that underwent ethnic cleansing in 1948 with the erasure of 540 villages and the creation of (the Palestinian) refugee problem."
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