Top American Jewish group slams UK Parliament's vote to recognize Palestinian state

A leading association of Jewish Americans expressed disappointment in Britain's Parliament late Monday for overwhelmingly passing a non-binding resolution to recognize Palestinian statehood.
“This vote was an empty public stunt that will have no impact other than to reduce the United Kingdom’s standing as an honest broker in international affairs," American Council for World Jewry Chairman Jack Rosen said in a statement following the vote that passed 274-12 in favor of the motion.
He added that the establishment of independent Palestinian state would result from diplomatic measures taken between Israel and the Palestinians, not by unilateral moved taken by foreign bodies.
"Those of us who truly wish to see a lasting resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict understand that a Palestinian state will come from honest, bilateral negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians—not from a unilateral and weightless resolution passed in the British Parliament," he stated.